Fat Beaky EP

by Beak Lizzy

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There once was an awesome band called Fat Lizzy that ruled hard. They recorded drums, bass and rhythm guitar for a 5 song EP, but ended up disbanding and never finishing the recording. After half-assedly "mixing" the 5 songs and listening to them a lot for a few months, a fool named Beaker took it upon himself to "finish" the recording by adding his own lead guitars, lyrics and vocals. Beak Lizzy is the result.


released June 17, 2011

Drums, bass, rhythm guitar and general song structure by Fat Lizzy. Lead guitar, lyrics and vocals by Beaker. Awesome guest vocals by the ever-beautiful Megan. One of the 5 songs was originally intended to be a cover of a Dead Moon song, but Beaker was not cool enough to realize so now it is a complete mess. Original Fat Lizzy recording by Gordon Lafler in late 2010. Add-on recording and mixing by Beaker at ProBeard Studios in Moriches, NY, 2011.



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Beak Lizzy Moriches, New York

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Track Name: 01
don't play with the fangs
if you can't mix the antidote
don't fuck with things
beyond your control

this is all just an afterthought
play a solo on some asshole's guitar

dead end
roll the dice
bad choice
pay the price

this is all just an afterthought
bleed it out
pathetic heart pumping so hard it splits apart
Track Name: 02
(you) told a lie
it ain't that pretty
say that to my face
a warhead just hit the city

you lined up a hundred coffins in my heart
where's the line start?
where's the line start?
where's the line start?
you ain't so fucking smart

won't let it haunt me
my fate is in my hands

gently place my dripping tongue on the 3rd rail
i plan to fail
i plan to fail
i plan to fail
but if i live, void the bill of sale

you know i plan to fail
i plan to fail
Track Name: 03
yeah, yeah
who doles out the credit?
this city just doesn't get it
oh, can't handle it
oh, don't hear it
oh, self destructed, feeling cheated

escape a shitty fate
escape a shitty fate

yeah, yeah
how much bullshit can you resent?
ain't had enough punishment
open rebellion
oh, malcontent
oh, best shot didn't leave a dent

escape a shitty fate
escape a shitty fate

bad influence crawling out of its grave
the saints pleaded with him not to misbehave

escape a shitty fate
(yeah baby, you gotta get away)
escape a shitty fate
(yeah, how much bullshit can you take)
escape the shittiest of fates
Track Name: 04
shut up and listen
quit your pissin'
quit your moanin'
its making me nervous

stand aside
you just ain't ready
stand aside
you just ain't ready
for it

now that the shit
has finally hit
the fan
ain't no hero
ain't a fool
ain't a man
(ain't a man)


the rats all scurry
why all the hurry?
deep in your guts
you ain't brave, you ain't tough

coming up empty handed

another pitch, the perfect branding
get ready for a brutal landing
wrecked beyond your understanding

you just ain't ready
stand aside
you just ain't ready
stand aside
you just ain't ready
stand aside
you just ain't ready
your fear multiplied
watch the cells divide
Track Name: 05
maybe we'll feel better
maybe shit gets better
next year

or in another life

a parade shows up as it decays
ornate flags are flyin' in its name
finger pointing, crying "what a shame"

grind away
slow decay
just dead weight
just dead weight

padlock heaven's gate

the schematic just went up in flames
and the hunting party's takin' aim
start collapsin' like a bad souffle
just dead weight